Today has been a great day. I read one of the Bible readings at my friend Vicky’s ordination service this afternoon: the only clergy person not dolled up in cassock, gown, alb, stole etc! In fairness some of them only wear them because Anglicans have to, but it’s quite nice being conspicuous sometimes!
Anyway, it was a great service and Vicky’s husband George – a retired priest – preached a very good sermon on clergy being ambassadors for God: I particularly liked the idea of us being sent to represent the monarch in a foreign country.
I guess that’s true for all Christians, we have to get used to representing God in a society that doesn’t think it needs him.
As someone once said, we are the only institution that exists for the benefit of the non-members, or at least we would be if the Church did its job properly.
Let’s get back to the point. It was a great service and then I went on to one of the small country chapels I pastor for a service bringing two people into membership: that was terrific and such an encouragement for the chapel.
Yes, a good day. A God day.


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  1. Oooooh
    I’m all excited now, as I trained with Vicky via WEMTC, before they moved down to your part of the world. If you’re seeing her, will you please send her a hug from the “other Mrs F” . I was at the priesting of the Hereford contingent 3 weeks ago, and she was much in our
    thoughts and prayers…

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