Ask, seek, knock

We had our Cell Group tonight (like a house group but different!) and we looked at that passage where Jesus talks about prayer and says that whoever asks will receive, whoever seeks will find, whoever knocks will have the door opened to them.
We’d puzzled about it a bit, wondering if Jesus actually meant that we would have whatever we asked for etc etc.
It then struck us that he ends the passage talking about how much God wants to give us the Holy Spirit and that he won’t give us less than the best. Perhaps the “ask, seek, knock” stuff is all about the Holy Spirit … if we ask for it (more properly Him) we will receive; if we seek the Spirit we will find and if we knock the door it will be opened and we can walk right in to the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
Just a thought but it got us quite excited.
Well, have a good night. God bless you.


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