It’s really hard to know what to say, isn’t it? How can anyone just walk into a tube train and blow people to pieces? What sort of attitude must they have?
And how do Christians respond? Well, for one thing, it’s not about whether you’re Christian or Muslim – just about whether you’re a murderer or not. I mean, we all know that it’s ridiculous to blame Muslims. I don’t know any personally – well, North Cornwall isn’t very ethnically-diverse – but I do remember hearing a Muslim scholar say that killing one person is the same as killing the whole world. So it’s not a Muslim thing, it’s terrorism.

‘I want God to hold them so close that they can feel his love’

I remember being in London when the IRA blew up Canary Wharf. I was at Waterloo station waiting for a train back to Cornwall and we had to be evacuated for about 20 minutes. That was scary enough and we weren’t in any danger. I was also driving through the centre of London when the IRA blew up Airey Neave (a friend of Margaret Thatcher) and was trying to meet Joy (my wife) but it was before mobile phones and I couldn’t get in touch. That was awful, especially because I just had to sit in the traffic jam and listen to news reports.
Quietly, I’ve been praying for the people caught up in the tragedy. And what about the bombers? Are they alive or dead? And here’s a qestion … what do you pray for the bombers? Is it that they find Jesus and realise the enormity of what they’ve done or that they get caught and punished – or both.

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