Bombs and our response

So, teach me to open my big mouth … yesterday I say I don’t know what to say and then today get asked onto the radio to say something!!
BBC Radio Cornwall got the Bishop of St Germans and myself to try to give an idea of what Christianity says at a time like this.
We agreed that it’s not about blaming Muslims – and in fact we were preceded by the Imam for the south west who utterly condemned the bombings as totally contrary to both Islam and the teaching of the Koran.
Bishop Roy and I both stressed prayer for the victims, the rescuers and those who worked on the fringe of the rescue effort – opening halls to use as emergency medical centres, brewing coffee etc.
We agreed that God would be at the heart of the suffering, standing with those who are bereaved and still wondering.
I also had the opportunity to stress the new Methodist initiative Pray Without Ceasing: a year of prayer launched at this year’s conference. The London North East district (stretching from the centre of London out towards East Anglia) is the first area to be responsible for prayers – including 24/7 prayer in London. Never was it more appropriate.

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