Walking on the water

I’m wrestling with a Bible story at the moment … it’s the account in Matthew of Jesus, and then Peter, walking on the water. There’s so much in this story that I’ve preached on it for the past two weeks and will carry on for at least the next two.
During my prayers I have had a sense of God saying to me – or possibly people I share worship with – that we have taken our eyes off Jesus. That was the point when Peter began to sink under the waves; more conscious of the effects of the wind than Jesus calling him to dare to walk on the water.
You must have those moments when it’s easier to fold, to crumble, than to keep going in faith.
I guess that faith in Jesus Christ is not actually about victory all the time. It’s more about staying the course, keeping on keeping on. Jesus doesn’t say that Peter has “little faith” because he sinks but because he stops focusing his walk on Jesus. How about you? How about me?


One thought on “Walking on the water”

  1. Gareth,
    Yes I’ve been preaching about it too.
    The thing that struck me about the story was how when Peter began to sink and cried out to Jesus, Jesus reached out his hand and caught hold of him.
    Have a good day!

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