Rhymes and reasons

I’ve got quite a challenge tomorrow. It’s the 60th anniversary celebration for the UK’s Methodist Association of Youth Clubs and I’m running a songwriting workshop. Now if I’m trying to impress I can describe myself as a published hymnwriter – I have one registered with Hope Publishing in the US! But running a session for aspiring writers is a different kettle of fish.
One thing I want to say is that a good song is a good song, whether it has a Christian intent or not. A lousy song with good Christian – even Bible-based – lyrics is still a lousy song.
Christian who want to write songs need to be studying people who write good songs: Paul Simon for his amazing use of words; James Taylor for the way he tells stories.
This blog entry will continue when I’ve done the session … I only hope I can say something that inspires.

One thought on “Rhymes and reasons”

  1. Hi cybervicar!

    I came to your church last Sunday (18 sep) for the first time and I was most impressed. (I was with the Tredrea’s!)

    I was impressed not only by your sermon but also the lovely selection of canape’s available at the coffee session at the end of the service. Very nice!

    I thought the service was well structured and your sermon was honest and thought provoking. Everyone I met was very lovely and friendly.

    I hope the songwriting session goes ok.

    I am a fan of the late Harry Chapin who was a genius at writing storytelling songs…non Christian songs I might add, but as you are quick to point out, a good song is still a good song! Harry was well known for connecting to audiences especially in his live work, so if you have a chance to aquire any of his music, I would reccommend the live recordings the most.

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