Prayer works?

Here’s a poser – bit of a riddle maybe. How many people need to pray before God can act?
Possible answers:
a) None. God can act as and when he chooses.
b) One. God hears and answers all prayers.
c) Loads. The more people pray the more urgent the request sounds to God.
It’s my theological puzzler for the day. Thanks Neil.


One thought on “Prayer works?”

  1. I have some difficulty with the idea that we push God into action.

    I am more inclined to think that as we pray we open ourselves to the channels of God’s Holy Spirit so that we can be the means through which god mediates Divine grace.

    It is on that basis that I support the methodist Church inititiative, ‘Praye Without Ceasing.’

    I am aware that there are holes in that viewpoint but I guess prayer is part of mystery.

    I am open to other views and hope that there are other postings on this. In all my life I have never attended teaching on prayer that has left me fully satisfied.

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