Gospel according to Shrek

I’ve spent some time this week reflecting on a children’s film … and trying to spot some Christian themes. Shrek is such a rich film for exploring faith. I’m leading a preachers’ workshop next Saturday and plan to use it as the framework for the day, asking questions such as:

  • When it comes to worship, who is the ogre in the forest? What are we frightened of?
  • Is your king too small? Do we reduce God – and the possibilities of him being able to change us – to our level? Are we only willing to let God do what we are comfortable with?
  • Beautiful or what? How do I see myself in the light of God’s love?

We live in an age when traditional worship is failing. It fails to inspire people to action and it fails to communicate the full magnificence of God. I fear we have made our God too small.


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