Shrek revisited

Well, I had a great day looking at the Shrek film with a bunch of preachers and worship leaders.
We talked about our own
ogres in the forest – the things that frighten us away from communicating our faith.
We tackled the question “is our king too small?” – do we somehow limit what God can do by not being prepared to risk letting the richness of the Gospel get into the public arena?
I shared a parable by a friend of mine Gerard Kelly who uses the image of a teapot which starts out as something in daily use but eventually becomes so precious that it’s never taken off the shelf and no one is allowed to handle it in case it gets broken. We discussed what bits of our church worship we should risk breaking … and we imagined the possibilities if we dared to take more risks.
It was a really positive day and about 40 of us dared to dream some dreams of how the Church could be.


2 thoughts on “Shrek revisited”

  1. At the root of all conflict can be found the cause – a difference in religious beliefs.
    Solution – abolish organized religion and all the hipocryts at the head

  2. You know it is a widely held belief that the Pope can speak to God. If you take this as true, does that mean that when God told the then Pope that the world was flat, that God was just messing with him? Was he joking? No, of course not, the Pope can’t speak to God, although HE might think he does. Where are the men in white coats to rid the world of these lunatics.

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