I hate resolutions. I hate the idea of the New Year being a new start … and yet every year I find myself thinking about how things can be different. This is, of course, strongly encouraged by the Methodist practice of holding our Covenant service at the start of the calendar year. So what am I resolving to do with 2006? Do I stubbornly refuse or do I see this as an opportunity to go somewhere new with God? My churches have asked me to stay on two years after the end of my initial 5-year appointment so I have 32 months more in North Cornwall. What am I going to do with it?

  • Am I going to try to leave a calm, ordered circuit for my successor?
  • Am I going to have a tidy study?
  • Am I going to get all my admin done on time?
  • Am I going to visit everybody on the pastoral list?
  • Am I going to try to ensure no one is falling out with anyone else by the time I leave?

Or could I risk:

  • Going with God’s vision for this area?
  • Moving ahead, even when people withdraw themselves or their money (should that be, especially when …)?
  • Developing the untidy and confusing Cafe Church experiment?
  • Writing more hymns?
  • Trying to excite more people with the mystery and uncertainty of faith?

The second lot is nowhere near as popular and, for some people, not what proper ministers ought to be doing with their time, but it’s infinitely more satisfying … and, I would suggest, more real.


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