Dying stories

A few weeks ago I preached to one of the churches I pastor on giving. I used the Old Testament story of Elijah and the widow who trusted God to replenish her virtually-empty jar of oil (1 Kings 17). After the service someone said to me that they hadn’t heard the particular story in more than 30 years.
It set me thinking and at a recent worship planning meeting we decided to begin a series of All Age Worship services on Old Testament characters and their stories. Tomorrow is the first one – on Abraham being asked to sacrifice his only son Isaac.
It’s not the easiest subject for All Age Worship … an everyday tale of a father preparing to kill his son! But I’m going to take the line “who do you trust?” and look on it as an example of Arbaham’s faith: that the God who had gifted him a son in his old age and promised that he would be the father of many nations wasn;t going to rip the dream apart just on a whim.


One thought on “Dying stories”

  1. How easily we rely on the NT for our inspiration and edification. When the OT is stuffed full of examples of God using every day men and women like ourselves to demonstrate his love. Perhaps we shy away because it is easier for us to explain God in light of the new covenant than of the old?

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