Easter hymn

My latest hymn is a Resurrection offering. The best place to hear it is at http://www.gbod.org/worship/music/dayofresdawns-hill.htm where, if you have Sibelius Scorch software, you can hear it being played. The metre is 88.88. (long metre) and the words are:

The day of resurrection dawns
as angels wait beside the grave:
not to console a weeping world
but waiting to declare: “He saves.”

For women in the early light,
and men hid in an upper room
where grief has blotted out the hope;
a dawning light invades the gloom.

So hearts that broke hear cries of joy
and leap as angel voices say:
“He has been raised, he is not here.
He goes before you on His Way.”

Where darkness ruled the Christ light shines.
Belief is blessed and hope revived.

We go to all the world and tell

the Gospel truth: “He is alive!

Gareth Hill. Copyright © 2006 GraceNotes Music


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