God’s on the move

… is he ever! Yesterday we said goodbye to my two ordained colleagues: one to retirement and one to a new ministry outside the church. It means for a year I will be the only ordained person in full-time work, looking after 17 chapels and about 375 members.
A number of people have come up and asked me how I am going to do it. My stock answer: I am not going to do anything, but we are going to do it together with God.
It’s going to be a challenge for all of us. What will church memberships be prepared to do themselves? What will they feel unable to contemplate?
I think it’s exciting but I know some people are frightened by it.
My current sermon says we are exactly where God wants us to be: looking at an imperfect future but confident that God will be able to do what we hope for, even though we cannot see it (Hebrews 11: 1).
As part of the new way of doing things we commissioned 13 new volunteer Pastoral Workers who will work in a cluster of two or three chapels, doing the visiting that ministers have traditionally done. It was a wonderful sight – women and men who are willing to be challenged about their ministry. God’s definitely on the move.


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