When will we ever learn?

I’ve just heard that a friend’s son has been injured during the conflict in Afghanistan: fortunately it’s a shrapnel wound but even saying that seems so callous when one other of the men died.
So many deaths and for what?
President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair and their so-called war on terror is beginning to ring more and more hollow. There appears to be no end-strategy, just a constant repetition of the need for more money, more troops, more allies, more supplies … let’s keep upping the ante.
It feels more and more uncomfortable, not simply because someone not that far from me has been hurt but because I don’t see the world’s self-appointed policemen having any idea of how to get out of this.
The consolation is that my friend has been telling me that his son, before any piece of action, calls his men together and they pray for God’s protection. He knows that ultimately he is safe in God’s hands.


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