Two deaths … two very different stories

I am 50 today and it should have been a day of celebration – well, it still is really, but with a very odd tinge to it.
We went this morning to a service of thanksgiving for a friend of ours, Pawley, who died aged 99.
He was a Christian whose love of the Lord shone through at all times – whether leading a prayer meeting at his home or preaching to hundreds in South African townships or Delhi Cathedral. He was a passionately-Cornish man and we sung hymns and heard the Bible read in Cornish.
We celebrated Pawley’s faith in Jesus and rejoiced that he is now at home in the room prepared for him.
But last night I rang my cousin Kath to congratulate her on her 50th birthday, just 24 hours before mine. Her brother-in-law answered the phone and I knew at once something was wrong. Kath had been killed in a bus crash in Spain, on her birthday and during a celebration trip organised by her husband Gareth. He is in hospital with broken ribs and is all alone until family can reach him.
Two deaths … two very different stories. I didn’t want either of them to die but with Kath it was so sudden, so unexpected and she was so young. We had no time to say goodbye.
So I am still celebrating my half century but there is a grey tinge to it all. Pray for us but especially for Gareth and their children Nicola and Hannah.

2 thoughts on “Two deaths … two very different stories”

  1. Oh…many prayers for all of you. I am so sorry.
    I hope a comment from a stranger isn’t intrusive in all this,- and that you’ll have time later to rejoice over the good things.

  2. Sorry to learn about your cousin’s death.

    I did not know Pawley White anything like as well as you did but I knew him enough to know that he was a quite remarkable man of faith, even if he would dismiss such a suggestion. I suspect he influenced a lot of people in a positive way

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