Advent hymn

One of the ways Christians mark Advent is to light a candle on an Advent ring each week – four for the Sundays and then a final one as we get to Christmas. Often we use a hymn, singing one verse in week 1, two in week 2 etc.
Here is an Advent hymn I wrote for this year – it is written to the tune Deep Harmony which, in the UK, is sung to “Sweet is the work my God, my King”.

We wait in hope for hope to come:
promised of old; the righteous one.
Help us to watch, expect and pray
and then to greet Messiah’s day.

We read the story of your plan:
this world redeemed by heaven’s Son.
Grace breaks upon the present time;
mercy and hope through David’s line.

We hear the prophet’s voice ring clear:
‘changed hearts and lives are needed here’.
So, when the Spirit fires your Church,
make us a sign for all who search.

We go to share this great Good News:
heirs of the promise – we will choose
to live in hope that all may sing
praises to Christ, the infant king.


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