Is Brown the new …?

It’s so hard when you’ve been let down before, isn’t it? All that euphoria of 1997 and then an end that just dribbled away in the sands of Iraq.
I can recall being so excited when Labour came to power and in the end being, perhaps unjustifiably, disappointed. It was easy to believe that “things can only get better” and to D:ream of a different future for your children.
If I’m honest, things did get better – by leaps and bounds – but the Blairocracy ended with a sour taste of something that had just been left out for too long and begun to develop its own offputting culture: a bit like an unwashed tea mug.
Ever the optimist, I have become a political junkie this week: watching Gordon Brown’s every move; following his travels on and even clicking on the “Join the Labour Party here” hyperlink ……….. but not consumating the deed.
Can he be better? Yes, I think so.
Enough to make a difference? Yes, I hope so.
More like the Labour Party I instinctively lean to? Pray God, yes.
Born and brought up in the Welsh Valleys, I used to chair the most Left-wing branch of the National Union of Journalists (East London); was the first journalist to interview former Northern Ireland Secretary Paul Murphy when he was selected to become an MP; have been a friend of former Defence Minister Don Touhig for more than 30 years.
Labour is my natural party but, for a few years, I have not wanted anyone to know that.
I hope that this son of the manse who is now putting himself forward will actually rebrand the party to be more in tune with ordinary people; more compassionate and passionate about social justice – and committed to ending this nightmare in Iraq.
Then, maybe, I would vote for them again.


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