A hymn for Martyn

My friend, the Rev Dr Martyn Atkins, becomes President of the Methodist Conference here in Britain next month. To mark that occasion I have written the following hymn.

For those who understand the technicalities, it is in DCM metre. The tune I have set it to is called Kingsfold: in the hymnbook used by British Methodists it is set to O Little Town of Bethlehem.

Please feel free to use it in worship – my only request is that you include the copyright line which is at the bottom of the hymn text.

Dear Lord, where are the signs of hope,
the echoes of new birth?
Where will we find the shafts of light;
God’s grace notes for the earth?
Could we be what our neighbours need
to bring the great Good News?
Could we reveal the love of God
and walk in Jesus’ shoes?

How do we touch this fragile world
and bring the Christ-light near?
How do we earn the right to speak
of love that conquers fear?
We need to know your Spirit’s power,
equipping us to serve.
May we be energised by fire
to give without reserve.

We hold our lives before you now:
a grace gift from your Son.
Lord, make us open to your will
until the work is done.
We will not rest until the day
your Kingdom comes on earth.
We give ourselves to serve the light
and bring new hope to birth.

Gareth Hill. Copyright © 2007 GraceNotes Music


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