Kim Hill – Broken Things

The latest album review for BBC Radio Cornwall was of Kim Hill’s newest album. Here it is:

There are branches of the Christian Church where to sing of pain is to be regarded as someone who has lost the plot; you know the kind of attitude that says we should always smile and triumph no matter what.
Often, performers who can acknowledge how God has helped them in their brokenness are the more persuasive communicators of faith: if God can work through this hell I am in then he can help you get through yours as well.
Grammy award winner Kim Hill is a Contemporary Christian Music veteran who has been on a painful journey over the past decade: through a failing marriage and through pressure to deliver the goods in country and Christian circles even when the hurt was at its worst.
A number of songs on the album Broken Things are snapshots of reality rather than airbrushed ditties that refuse to grapple with hurt.
In A Million Pieces we get such a picture: a woman who tried to live up to expectations but found her life shattered. In another track, Wide, we hear about a woman who lived beyond the love of God because she could not accept that forgiveness was for her.
America’s religious right come in for a slating as well with You don’t belong here, a number that challenges anyone who believes they are the gatekeepers of Kingdom Come, but don’t get fooled that this is a miserable album. Alongside the pen portraits of pain there are songs of amazement at the love of God. Deeper celebrates a God whose grace reaches farther and whose patience is stronger than we will ever know.
Kim Hill celebrates the lover of our souls, the one who turns dust to gold with a selection of country songs and a lyrical twist that keep God close.
The opening track Here Inside of Me is a song of wonder that this God, who is so powerful, could fit inside our souls indeed would choose to live in us.There is a bare, almost confesisonal, honesty to this album that lifts it from just another country album with God in it to a different, and more satisfying, level.


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