Yes – hymn again!

So now it’s official … I was yesterday named as one of the winners of the BBC Radio 2 and BBC Local Radio hymn writing competition for 2007.
It was for the hymn mentioned in my previous post (below) and the announcement was made by Naomi Kennedy on BBC Radio Cornwall yesterday morning. At the same time it was being announced on many of the other 39 BBC local radio stations around the UK.
Radio 2 played two of the four winners last night and will play the other two – including mine – next Sunday at 8.30pm.

“You can listen
to all four
entries here”


3 thoughts on “Yes – hymn again!”

  1. congrats. got your link from ‘connexions’. would it be ok to use it in a service on Sunday please?
    I’m in stationing too – all the best…

  2. Yes, Mark. Feel free to use it. Just put the copyright line at the end. If you follow the link I’ve added it takes you to the BBC site which offers a pdf file of the new tune written especially for it. You may want to try that with your congregation.

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