Tubestation’s big day

Cornwall’s coolest church gets its official unveiling in a couple of weeks. Tubestation – the church that replaced its pulpit with a skateboard ramp – is being opened by the President of the Methodist Conference during his visit to the county.
Once a chapel on the brink of closure, Polzeath Community Church has been attracting congregations of around 130 each Sunday throughout the summer, and last month celebrated three adults baptisms in the sea.
On October 21, the head of Britain’s 300,000 Methodists, the Rev Dr Martyn Atkins (pictured) will officially declare the Tubestation project open but it’s not yet been confirmed whether he’ll test out the skateboard ramp!
“Martyn’s a great enthusiast for what we call Fresh Expressions – new ways of being church,” said Methodist minister the Rev Gareth Hill, who pastors the church, “and we are really excited that the opening takes place when he is President.
“I’m trying to persuade him to have a go on the skateboard ramp – in his full Presidential robes – which would be a great way to mark the end of our first full season.”
The summer has been better than the Tubestation team could ever have expected, said Mr Hill.
“We have been amazed at the numbers who have come up from the beach to check out our coffee and the cybercafé and really thrilled by the take up on the skate ramp.
“Some days we have more than 60 people in the centre at a time. It’s been buzzing with people skating, chatting, sitting outside in the sun, studying the Bible – just doing it all with each other and with God. Great stuff.”
The Bible studies have been well attended and the chapel has been bursting at the seams on Sunday mornings. For the autumn and winter there’s a new midweek meeting, said Mr Hill.
“We have just launched the Big Wednesday Bible Café that meets, surprisingly enough, on Wednesdays at 7.30pm. We’re going to look at what it means to be the people of God together and do it in a relaxed style with coffee, conversation and multimedia resources.
“We think it will be fun and we’d love to have people drop in and join us.” The opening service is on Sunday, October 21, at 4pm and anyone is welcome to come along.

Dr Atkins is also keeping a blog with the Vice President, Ruby Beech, about their year in office. You can find it here.

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