Thanks Rob, we won’t forget

Methodist evangelist Rob Frost died yesterday. Actually Methodist evangelist, author, actor, broadcaster, visionary, minister, husband, father, son Rob Frost died yesterday.
Rob was a man who probably inspired dozens of people to become ministers through the work he did with Easter People but also inspired a generation of people to stay within the British Methodist Church because they could see in him the possibilities of life for this apparently-creaking denomination.
I recall going with my wife Joy to Bristol to see a musical Rob and his wife Jacqui were staging – I’d never met the man before and didn’t know anything about him but was captivated by his energy.
Then, a few years later, when we were living in Cornwall, he came to a Christian hotel where we were hosting a holiday and took our son Andrew to play tennis with his son Chris – just to give us some space.
In recent years I have twice been a guest on his Premier Radio show and he has encouraged our mission at Tubestation.
Rob has made a massive difference to the Methodist Church here in Britain, most recently with Share Jesus International. We are richer for having him as a minister but heaven is richer by far because he is now there.
We won’t forget Rob’s contribution on earth – but we must add to it ourselves.


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