Christmas Letter 2007

This has been a year of change for our family and there’s more to come for us in 2008 so let’s try to give you the highlights.
One of the biggest changes is that Sian moved away to begin a new life … in her old home area of South Wales!
She and Damien are now engaged and moved to Hafodyrynys, just outside Pontypool, in November. They plan to marry in May 2009 and are getting used to new jobs and a new life in Wales.
Andrew and Rose are expecting an addition to their family with a baby due in the middle of March, around Andrew’s birthday.
Their life is quite complicated at the moment with Rose studying for a degree in Social Care at Bristol University and Andrew working as a warehouse manager for a kitchen showroom at Plympton.
More about Rhys on the right.
After seven years in Wadebridge, we are preparing to leave for a new challenge … but still in Cornwall.
Gareth has accepted an invitation to join the staff of the Truro Circuit, working as a Fresh Expressions minister.
He will have no churches but will be working to start new Christian communities on the Roseland Peninsula, an area around Veryan and St Mawes.
There are a few Methodist members in the area but much of his job will be starting from scratch.
He’s still involved in a lot of London meetings but we both had a special trip to the capital this year when Gareth was one of the winners in the BBC Radio 2 and Local Radio hymn writer of the year competition.
We had a behind the scenes tour of the Houses of Parliament with a lunch and the presentation of a nice trophy. You can see Gareth’s prize-winning hymn by following the link at the bottom of this page.
The good news for Joy about the move is that it will be nearer Treliske Hospital, Truro, so she will be able to continue her job as a Health Care Support Worker on the children’s ward and should be able to get there more easily.
The saddest part of our year was losing Zac, our lovely Collie cross, after 14 years. Then, about a month later, we inherited Andrew and Rose’s one-year-old Golden Retriever Jake, so life wasn’t quiet for long!

Rhys is growing up and getting more gorgeous all the time. He will be four this coming February – just before his baby brother or sister is due to be born.
He is one of the most polite boys we have met – starting most conversations with “excuse me …”
His favourite TV programmes are Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry and with careful coaching he’s beginning to understand the importance of Welsh rugby victories.
Rhys is very excited about being a big brother and is planning to donate his best friend – Big Barry the teddy bear – to the new arrival.


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