New hymn

Some of the people in the district where I serve spent part of last week on retreat withTom Stuckey, a former President of the Methodist Conference.
He used his book “On the Edge of Pentecost” as the basis of his sessions and, at the end of our time together, we were in silence before a closing communion.
This hymn came out of that silence and, if you’ve read Tom’s book or heard him speak, you may spot echoes of it.
It is a standard metre and therefore fits any number of tunes.

The God of mission calls our name
and waits for us to see
the broken world he loves so much,
which needs to be set free.

It is a world which cannot see
how, trapped by wealth and pain,
it needs a broken Saviour’s death,
to be set free again.

What holds us back from offering
to cross that threshold here?
Have we been trapped and blinded too
or limited by fear?

Confronted by a bigger God
what will our answer be?
Can we believe a Pentecost
that calls us to our knees?

God, on this edge of Pentecost
in worship here we bow:
you call us, fill us, send us out,
come down and meet us now.

Gareth Hill. Copyright © 2008 GraceNotes Music.

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