New album review – Brenton Brown

Brenton Brown (left) has witnessed the collapse of apartheid as part of a multicultural university church, viewed post-Christian Britain at firsthand, seen his and his wife’s lives hit by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and written some of the defining worship songs of the past decade.

Now he’s released his second solo album ‘Because of Your Love’. It is a mix of new tracks and some of the familiar music that have made his work, if not his name, known in this country.
Brenton Brown was one of the younger worship leaders introduced on the first Vineyard UK recordings, ‘Come Now is the Time’ and ‘Hungry’. His songs were ‘Lord Reign in Me’, ‘All Who are Thirsty’ and ‘Humble King’ – not a bad start!

‘Come Now is the Time’ has been one of the great gathering songs, calling people to worship at the start of a service, but ‘Our God Saves’, introduced to thousands at this year’s Spring Harvest event, is destined to challenge it.

Its insistent beginning: ‘In the name of the father, in the name of the Son, in the name of the Spirit, Lord we come’, coupled with the opening guitar riff and driving rhythm is a great way of inviting people to recognise they are in the presence of God.

It’s a hallmark of Brenton Brown’s songs that they are singable. Congregations can quickly pick up the rhythms and melodies and this album contains evidence, both of his past and present work, that churches up and down the UK have taken to.

The early Vineyard albums were full of a passionate energy, combining male and female voices, and on this album Brenton has remixed the songs, giving them his own personal twist, working with his wife Jude and executive producer Les Moir on crafting the album.

On ‘All Who are Thirsty’ there’s a very different feel, a softer edge and yet more depth that allows the acoustic touches to come through superbly. It’s an example of how the favourites are not just thrown on the album to make up the numbers but given subtle new twists that make their inclusion valid.

If you have not encountered Brenton Brown before ‘Because of Your Love’ is a good introduction. It’s not the same as the Vineyard Worship series: They were great but this is a different kind of quality.

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