A Brand new way to be angry, or a challenge to be tender?

Let’s get it out in the open; what Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross did was crass, obscene and pathetic. Their actions have had consequences for others and for themselves.

Whether we heard or saw what they did or not, everyone seems to have an opinion because it’s become the national talking point of the week.

Every phone-in and 24-hour news programme is covering it … read more at my website,


One thought on “A Brand new way to be angry, or a challenge to be tender?”

  1. The main issue I have is that we live in a celebrity culture and these men are role models. They are grown men who have, in some sense, demonstrated that it’s cool to be rude, crude and lewd. They also make more money than I will ever do in my life for being rude, crude and lewd.

    If I could wave a magic wand, I wouldn’t hurt either of these men. What I would do would be to erase any concept from the general public that that is anything cool, daring, fun or edgy about being rude and disrespectful.

    I think that Christianity forgives, but it also asks us to respect our neighbour.

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