Fresh Expressions in Wales

Cybervicar with the Rev Cathy
Cybervicar with the Rev Cathy

A great weekend in Llanyrafon, Cwmbran, talking about Fresh Expressions and revisiting some old haunts.

I went back to the church my parents had helped to build back at the end of the 1950s and where I was the first child.
On Sunday morning I preached  and then in the afternoon led a seminar on Fresh Expressions.
We looked at the development of the Tubestation surf church at Polzeath and then the theory behind the development of fresh ways of being church.
There was a real heart for finding new outreach possibilities and people understood that it wasn’t about just doing church with a new coat of paint but taking seriously the attempt to find new ways of making contact with a whole generation of people who have never been in touch with the Church and don’t want to know what we do inside out strange buildings on Sundays.
A group of people from the churches have committed themselves to joining the Mission Shaped Ministry course run by the Fresh Expressions unit as they try to work out how they can respond to this new challenge.

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