Sunrise cross

 Not a new hymn but verse 3 is for today. The photo is from today’s SONrise service at Spring Harvest, the Christian festival in Minehead, Somerset, UK. We met on the beach at breakfast-time – about 1,000 of us – to mark the resurrection.

The desolate Messiah dies

spreadeagled on the cross:

unwanted by the earth he made,

Death’s trophy to the world displayed

and, as the final scene is played,

all hope is lost.


The disregarded Christ hangs high

as nations turn away.

How can a king be weak in power

and leave earth in its crisis hour?

And how will liberation flower

or Death give way?


Yet silently, as morning breaks,

the risen Lord is found.

A battle fought beyond the grave

has ended with a shout: ‘He saves!’

and Life walks from a borrowed cave,

now holy ground.


Beneath the shadow of his cross

the Church of Christ must stand,

and hold a holy mystery:

that death means life at Calvary

and grace has won the victory

for all the world.

Gareth Hill © GraceNotes Music

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