Back to normal?

It was Winston Churchill who said that people are bound to stumble over the truth at some point in their lives but most manage to pick themselves up and carry on as though nothing had really happened.

So how many will pick up the threads of a ‘normal’ life today, completely unchanged by yesterday’s stunning revisiting of the Easter truth that Jesus is alive for them, for us, for the whole world?

And how many of us will very easily shrug of the magnificent truth that yesterday should shake us out of complacency and the kind of rut we so easily fall into. How many of us who may well count ourselves as Christians will find it easy enough to say that because we are friends of God we don’t have to change anything.

Surely the reality is that every Easter should change something for us: possibly everything? Shouldn’t it make us re-evaluate what we are doing? Shouldn’t it be another Covenant moment?

It’s when God stands before us, as he did before Mary in the garden, and calls our name.

How do we answer and what do we do afterwards?

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