Hymn for Remembrance Sunday

I struggle with Remembrance Sunday but a friend asked me if I had written any hymns for the day. I hadn’t but I have now! Here it is. It is a Common Metre setting ( and was written to go with an old tune Lloyd – it was in the old 1930s Methodist Hymn Book as an Alternative Tune

We stand for brave and selfless friends,

who sacrificed today.

In our remembering, Lord give faith,

and teach us how to pray.


We stand for all who die for us

– and have no more to give:

those we have never met or known,

those we should not outlive.


We stand and honour lives laid down –

futures that conflict stole –

and sing of one who died to end

the warring in our souls.


We stand to gain a greater prize

than any war can claim,

if we can hear the Saviour’s voice

as he calls out our name.


You stand for peace and truth and light:

we pledge our faith for now.

And when you wipe all tears away

all nations’ heads will bow.


Gareth Hill 2009 © GraceNotes Music

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