A stormy end

Our month-long French holiday came to a rather sudden end. We knew the forecast wasn’t great but when we woke up to the news that people had died nearby and the river had risen two metres in 10 minutes we decided to cut things short.

It meant a quick decision. Instead of sailing from Santander on Monday (June 21) we had to make the 650-mile trip in about 16 hours so we could catch the Thursday ferry.

We left very quickly and were still a bit uncertain but two things convinced us we were right:

  1. A short way into the drive we saw a VW camper perched on top of the crash barrier on the side of the road where it had been lifted by the swollen water the night before.
  2. Later that night, as dusk fell, we ended up on the French motorway driving through a river; unable to see the traffic either side of us or in front of us but knowing from the lights that people were pulling off the road. Because the the conditions and the caravan behind us it was too dangerous to do anything other than carry on cautiously, so we did.

We made it in good time and relaxed on the ferry, the Pont Aven, with a rare treat – a meal in the posh restaurant as we thought back on a holiday to cherish.

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