Rob and rest

The creativity of God and the genius of Rob Lacey collided very powerfully in a nursing home today when just a few of us shared worship.

When I go into the chapel in this home, there are only a handful of us. Some don’t appear to be connected to this world until we get to the Lord’s Prayer when the volume suddenly increases. Others tell me how much they have been anticipating my visit – they are one of my churches and one which appreciates creativity even though we only have about 20 minutes before sleep and other distractions get in the way.

Today, as well as singing hymns, we listened to the Creation story from Genesis 1 as told by Rob Lacey from his live performance of the Street Bible/Word on the Street. Then, after listening to Cathy Burton’s gorgeous version of the song Indescribable, we thought for as few minutes of the importance of resting. Surely, if even God chose to take a day out, it matters. Even the residents of the nursing home, who you might think have nothing to do all day, recognised that there’s a difference between not working and actually resting; especially resting in God.

Ask yourself, when did you last have a sabbath? When did you last just stop, completely cease from activity and take time to be with God in stillness and silence?

For some of us, Sunday is the last possible day to do that. It’s just stupidly busy. But the principle of Sabbath isn’t the same as observing the Lord’s day if by that you mean Sunday and if on Sunday you are any kind of church leader. Many of us finish a Sunday more exhausted than we began it. That’s no kind of Sabbath.

When God completed the business of Creation he stood back and declared it good. Then he stopped and rested. He was confident enough in what he had done to leave it alone for a period. Why shouldn’t we be the same?


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