Brushing up on road safety

I understand the need for safe driving habits, especially the need to stop people using mobile phones while driving. It is clearly a GOOD THING to help people concentrate on what they are suposed to be doing.

There do seem to be some inconsistencies however – it’s OK to drive holding a huge carton of coffee for example; it’s OK to change CDs; it’s OK to fumble about for another cigarette and go through the palaver of lighting it with the car’s lighter. None of these things appear to be recognised as a crime on the same level as holding a phone.

In the last two days I have seen two drivers trying new ways of getting ready for the working day.

Yesterday, the woman behind me at a set of traffic lights used the short time the lights were red to clean her teeth – nice! Today a man driving towards me had an open briefcase on his lap and was using both hands to pull out different pieces of paper – presumably steering with his knees.

Who said driving is no fun any more?


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