A bit more garlic bread

So back to the garlic bread and Chocolat then. Last weekend’s seminars generated a number of responses on how to be creative with outreach in rural areas.

The rather cryptic title Garlic Bread, Coffee & Chocolat referred to some film clips, particularly of Peter Kay’s brilliant reminder of the kind of wedding receptions we’ve probably all been to. You know the one, where Grandad has never eaten either garlic bread or cheesecake before but discovers that garlic bread is “the future”.

I asked the question: “what is the transformation moment for us in mission?” We looked at the story of Peter, the early church pioneer told in the book of Acts in the Bible. He had a vision of all sorts of food that a good Jew couldn’t possibly eat and, when he complained to God, was roundly told off that nothing God had offered him could be off-limits.

Immediately after that, he was invited to explain the Good News about Jesus Christ to a group of Gentiles, who shouldn’t have known about the Gospel, but did.

We followed up the Peter Kay clip with two from the film Chocolat where the Count has a transformation moment that frees him from trying to control the whole community during Lent and lets freedom run through himself and the town.

From there, we explored mission and taking the Church and the Gospel beyond our buildings. Coffee, conversation and daring to risk linking with those who are unlike the way Church has always been seem to be the recipe for hope. What do you think?


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