A powerful journey at Methodist Conference

Hundreds of people took a pilgrimage on the beach at Southport during the weekend of Methodist Conference as they walked a sand labyrinth created by volunteers.


The team, led by Cornwall’s Youth Enabler Andrew Nicholson, offered the chance for people to reflect on their lives by following one of the most ancient methods of pausing in the middle of this hectic age.


People were offered a piece of rubbish and invited to walk through the labyrinth – almost a quarter of a mile all told – leave the rubbish at the centre on a rubbish tip topped by a cross and then walk back with a pebble that they could keep.


It’s such a simple idea and yet the conversations were so profound: with people who had no faith; with Sikhs; Moslems; with whole families; with children who jumped over the sand humps and with people who asked if they were allowed to walk the labyrinth.


On one day alone, 276 people left the ‘rubbish’ of their lives at the centre of the labyrinth and walked out …


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