Gareth’s new job

So folks, after almost 20 years in Cornwall, we’re on the move.

It’s come very suddenly but this week I’ve been appointed Head of Mission and Advocacy for the Methodist Church, working with an incredibly creative group of people in London. The title sounds like I’m heading all mission and all advocacy but actually that’s far from the truth: the team is brilliant and my role is to enable their skills to be harnessed as effectively as possible by the church.

The official announcement is tomorrow and the job starts on September 1 so the task begins of packing up one home and finding another much nearer London.

It’s not sunk in for us properly but we have to prepare to leave somewhere very special to us. However, Joy and I sense this is the right move at the right time. Pray for us please.

6 thoughts on “Gareth’s new job”

  1. Brilliant news. look forward to hearing it in more detail over the next days and weeks. God bless you through the move

  2. Congratulations and best wishes to you both. I look forward to seeing how you new role grows so I hope you keep on blogging. Cornwall’s loss will be the church’s gain. Keep close to Him.

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