When innocence is fractured …

It’s a depressing thing to re-post this hymn because it means that another part of the world is experiencing disaster, homelessness, hunger, the need for international help.

It was first written for the Boxing Day tsunami in December 2004 but has re-appeared on a number of occasions.

This time it’s for those planning worship with a partial focus on the Philippines.


When innocence is fractured

by nature’s shifting force,

and paradise is ruptured

as life is swept off course.

We come to pray our questions,

we come to share our grief;

in this, our act of worship,

to say that we believe.


As headlines overwhelm us

and make us close our minds;

as news from distant islands

brings death before our eyes.

We seek a hope to cling to,

a refuge to embrace;

lest in the grip of knowing

we lose our hold on grace.


How dare we speak of heaven

made human for our sakes,

or preach a loving Father

when seas and mountains quake?

We dare because our story

speaks of a love that came

to bear the cost of dying

and still would do the same.


In Christ our souls take refuge,

though not to hide from truth:

we face each anguished question

with faith, if not with proof.

We hear his wistful question:

“And will you leave me too?”

Though all the world should crumble,

We hope, O Christ, in you.


Recommended tune: Aurelia

Copyright © Gareth Hill Publishing/Song Solutions CopyCare, 14 Horsted Square, Uckfield, TN22 1QG www.songsolutions.org


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