Coffee and memories

You can have meals in evocative places.

Today I sat and ate porridge in the first chapel we worshipped in when we moved to Cornwall as a young family 22 years ago.

Trelowarren Street chapel in Camborne, Cornwall, welcomed us with open arms and their style fitted just what we needed: a band each Sunday, really relaxed atmosphere and food as often as possible.

The warmth of the welcome sealed friendships as warm as any we have known and ones that endure to today – even though the chapel has long closed.

Why was I eating porridge there? Well it’s now a Costa so we went in for breakfast and spent a quiet 30 minutes eating, sitting and remembering the lovely friends we met in chapel and who have been such a positive influence for us.


2 thoughts on “Coffee and memories”

    1. You’re right Beverley. A strong fellowship with many good people and a lot of them still a part of the Church in different places … including you!😀

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