X Factor in reverse … God’s teenage choice at Christmas

I’m reposting this from 2009 because it has proved overwhelmingly the most popular thing I have ever posted and this year’s X-Factor has just ended with yet another poor soul promised a glorious future that may well come to nothing.
And yet again the story of Mary remains more powerful.
Thanks to https://assemblyideas.wordpress.com/2009/12/15/christmas-x-factor-talk-gods-choice-at-christmas/ whose selection of this as a top school assembly has driven traffic to my site day after day since Advent began.

All Creation Sings

Last weekend just about a third of the population of Britain watched the final of the X Factor, Simon Cowell’s talent show juggernaut. I’m not going to take cheap shots at those who watch because I’ve sat in most Saturdays and been part of the audience.

Like Sting, I think it’s damaging to the creative energy that the music world has thrived on for decades, but X Factor more to my taste than Strictly Come Dancing (and it doesn’t have Bruce Forsyth).

But now the winner has been decided, we are being told that 18-year-old Joe McElderry is going to have a stellar  career on top of the £1 million recording contract he’s signed as the winner of X Factor. Will he? Only time will tell and time hasn’t exactly been generous to many winners of TV talent shows: indeed it seems to be more of an advantage to come second.


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