Celebrating The Grenaways

The Grenaways are a collective of musicians born out of The Tubestation, still for me the coolest church on the planet but so much more than that.

You want a skateboard ramp – it’s got it. In this cold weather it’s got a fab woodburner. In need of some stylish coffee – look no further. Home-produced snacks – naturally.

Then, of course, there are always people willing to tussle with Scripture and apply it to life and – with not much pressure – there’s usually someone who’s happy to nip outside and check the swell or lend you a wetsuit and board for a cheeky surf.

But with the rise of The Grenaways the reputation of the Polzeath area is spreading for the quality of its surf-tinged folk music.

The album Be Still Young Heart has been out for a while and the band has been building a solid reputation through playing festivals and being heard on the BBC Introducing streams. While being thoroughly rooted in Cornwall and massively influenced by the surfing culture, their musicianship is ensuring that they have developed a fanbase beyond the South West.

Here they are recorded live at Creationfest on the Royal Cornwall Showground in Wadebridge last August.


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