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Samuel draws a crowd

paparazziToday’s reflection on the life of Samuel the prophet shows the power of the prophet and the impact their arrival had on communities. Wherever they went people turned out just to see them and to find out what they would do.

You can read today’s reflection on 1 Samuel 16:1-9, the set Bible passage in the Methodist study A Word in Time, here.


When God had regrets


Today’s post in the story of the life of Samuel covers a strange two verses – the end of Saul’s time as God’s chosen king but not the end of his reign. It’s also one of the places in the Bible where God appears to regret something.

You can read the Scripture at 1 Samuel 15:34-35 and my reflections here.

Give us a king

Give us a king 1Sam8

Today’s element of the Samuel story sees the prophet at the beginning of Israel’s shift from a theocracy to being a nation ruled by a king – it’s the moment the leaders ask to be like every other nation.

A Moment In Time is the Methodist Church’s daily online Bible Study and each week the notes are written by someone different. This week I’m doing it. You can find today’s reflections, on 1 Samuel 8:4-18, here.

Speak, your servant is listening


The rest of this week’s readings in the Methodist Church’s A Word In Time study series are about the prophet Samuel. It’s quite a whistle-stop tour through his life and ministry but today’s begins at a crucial place – Samuel listening for God.

You can follow the Scripture passage,1 Samuel 3:10-20, and then see my brief thoughts here.